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Quartz is the most common mineral in the earth’s surface and has many different uses. We supply and install a huge range of quartz colours.

Quartz offers a sophisticated elegance and timeless beauty and delivers distinctive depth, brilliant clarity, glimmering radiance and a cool, solid unique feel to natural stone.

You've seen and felt it in homes across the country, in your local trendy coffee shops, in banks, high end restaurants, spas, salons and hotels. Quartz surfaces have been used in upmarket homes around the world for more than 15 years but have more recently entered the British market in grandiose fashion.

While it cleans in much the same way as glass, it has similar looks to granite. It is heat resistant and also stain resistant, being non-porous. This gives it an advantage over granite worktops in that the latter are subject to staining if spills are left on for any length of time. Red wine, beetroot, lemon juice, cooking oil and more can all affect granite, while quartz simply shrugs them off without a murmur. It also has an almost indestructible work surface and is the most durable manufactured stone worktop you can purchase for a work surface as there are no variations of hardness and porosity inherent within it's material.

We specialise in quartz worktops which have both the durability of quartz, and the natural beauty of granite.

Quartz is a man made material, using over 90% natural quartz, ground into small crystals, then mixed with resin and glass, and cast using the latest techniques, to give a material of super quality and strength.


Quartz colours

White mirror



Black mirror


Gris light

Silestone coral clay

Silestone black canyon



Quartz Colours

We offer the highest quality bespoke quartz products for any environment. With the staggering level of quartz worktop colours available you have come to the right trade supplier. We pride ourselves on being small enough to handle all orders for your specific requirements, and providing you with the personal care and attention that you would correctly expect from a service based national company. Quartz worktops produced by Granitexpress are guaranteed to be of the finest quality available in the market.

Nothing surpasses the beauty and elegance of quartz worktops. Nor will anything add more depth, character and feel good factor to your kitchen than the true quality of nature itself. Give yourself the best! Give yourself a quartz bespoke worktop produced by the UK’s leading supplier. The starting point when considering your choice of finish is to look through all the quartz worktop colours available.

Below is a summary of the quartz worktop colours for your consideration. Please click on the links below to see the colour range options. A point to note in relation to the choice of quartz worktop colours is that availability is restricted to our stock holding and what stock holding is held via the manufacturers. Initially we would suggest you look through our most popular quartz worktop colours as these are in stock 99% of the time and will incur no leads times for delivery. The other benefit of using the standard range of quartz colours is that you will be able to obtain an instant online quotation with prices for our most popular colour range being the cheapest. 

Quartz worktop colours – The Most Popular Colours

Our most popular range of quartz worktop colours offers 63 options, we hope this offers something for everyone. This range are our best selling colours. These 63 options are always in stock all year round so you have guaranteed availability. This range also includes the popular sparkle or glitter worktops in black, grey, brown, cream, white, red and blue. If you can't find what you are looking for within this range then please have a look through the colour categories below but please note these will generally be more expensive than our standard range. Quartz options not contained within our most popular colours are not available to obtain a quotation online. You will need to contact us with preferably a copy of your plan and we will come back to you with a quotation.

Quartz worktop colours – The Whites

Owing to the chemical composition and make up of quartz render it is possible to have a "pure" white quartz worktop colour. Popular consensus shows, however, that the beauty of the different white quartz worktop colours is also exhibited in the subtle variations or the striking contrasts. The white quartz worktop colour comes in a wide range of shades and is very popular in modern decor. It gives any interior a refined and simple feel; elegance whilst remaining versatile and resilient. There are a huge variety of shades of white quartz worktop colours. There are lots of shade variations and flecks within the category of white quartz worktop colours, for example, Bianco Grigio, has subtle shades of greys whereas, Artico, offers a considerably whiter finish. Please explore our large selection of white quartz worktop colours to find the option that suits you best!

Quartz worktop colours – The Greys

The choice of grey quartz is usually for the qualities of it’s flexibility as it can offer to emphasize a simplistic surrounding or it can play a cameo role for an alternative focal point. Grey quartz worktop colours have the exceptional ability to offer an understated, yet very strong aura to any choice of décor. Don’t let the name grey trick you! There are many colour variations to the grey quartz base with flecks of whites, pinks, blacks and blues from light to dark. Grey quartz worktop colours compliment light wood options in addition to most gloss colours. The most popular grey quartz worktop colours are Starlight Grigio and Concrete. Please explore our large selection of grey quartz worktop colours to find the option that suits you best!

Quartz worktop colours – The Aquas, Greens & Blues

Are you looking to make a bold statement in your kitchen or bathroom? Then consider an aqua, green or blue quartz. This range of quartz worktop colours is becoming an increasingly stylish choice for interior designers today. The fresh, clean and crisp range of colours looks perfect in any kitchen or bathroom. These colours are not only restricted to a modern room setting. The blue quartz worktop colours look fantastic with either a wooden cabinet or coloured and this tone has the versatility to compliment either a traditional or modern room setting. The aqua’s and greens look fantastic with modern gloss colours too! Starlight blue is probably the most popular colour from this range followed closely by the Acqua Azzurra. Please explore our large selection of aqua, green & blue quartz worktop colours to find the option that suits you best!

Quartz worktop colours – The Creams and Browns

Cream and brown quartz options are very popular shades of quartz worktop colours. These are literally on the verge of taking over from the Black options as being the number one choice of colour. The word beige was originally coined as a fabric that is left in its natural colour. As the names indicate, cream and brown quartz worktop colours provide the unique ability to decorate in a neutral colour palette without sacrificing any style or class and without overpowering your room. This offers flexibility when it comes to decorating and redecorating and lends a classic style to a kitchen or bathroom, particularly when paired with darker cabinets or tiles. The cream and brown quartz worktop colours incorporate shades of dark brown, light brown and white sprinkled throughout the texture making it easy to keep clean and looking is best. This type of mottled appearance reduces the visibility of smearing and finger marks reducing daily cleaning and maintenance. Two of the most popular options are Luna and Caramello. Please explore our large selection of cream and brown quartz worktop colours to find the option that suits you best!

Quartz worktop colours – The Oranges and Yellows

Another frequently used colour is yellow quartz. Yellow and orange quartz will brighten any room with a sunny, warm appeal all year round. Like most quartz worktop colours, both can be found in both a fine and coarse grains. A wide variety of secondary colours create differing hues of yellow and orange quartz ranging from golden to light brown to green. Generally yellow and orange quartz colours are used in modern type settings as their bright and fresh tones give an undated feel to any room. The yellow and bold orange options are most fresh and bright but some of the orange options would be more suited to a more classical setting. Yellow and orange quartz worktop colours can be very versatile allowing flexibility with your additional décor choices. Overall, yellow or orange quartz worktops will warm up any kitchen or bathroom and will remain adaptable for decorating and redecorating over the years whilst retaining a calm fresh environment to enjoy. Please explore our large selection of yellow quartz worktop colours to find the option that suits you best!

Quartz worktop colours – The Reds, Purples and Pinks

Red quartz worktop colours offer a rich and striking appearance. Two of the boldest examples are Starlight Rossi and Rosso Stelline. Not all of the colours that fall into this category are as bold as the reds. Viloa Stelline for example is much more subtle and would compliment most colour choices of cabinets and would perfectly compliment stainless steel appliances. The incorporation of various reds, purples and rose colours gives your room a luxurious warm glow that will welcome you home all year round. Please explore our large selection of red, purple and pink quartz worktop colours to find the option that suits you best!

Quartz worktop colours – The Blacks

Are you looking for something more adaptable? Black quartz worktop colours create a beautiful modern environment when matched with lighter cabinets and clean lines or perfectly compliment more traditional kitchens. Black quartz is a true chameleon of the quartz worktop colour palette. As such, black quartz is the number one colour choice throughout the UK. Black quartz can range from Starlight Nero to a more variable secondary colour option ranging from grey to silver as shown on the Black Metallic option. The traits of black quartz offer the stone a textured appearance creating interest, body and depth. Please explore our large selection of black quartz worktop colours to find the option that suits you best!



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